A trial in English – Happy in Brooklyn

Phuu, that’s my first blog post in English… Thanks Kate for encouraging me!

Well, after an awesome time in Melbourne and another 4 weeks left to discover Down Under, it was time to move on. Through the platform “Gumtree” I looked for a ride share to Sydney. Ali was the man! 🙂 Punctual and friendly, he picked me up at Ryan’s and Jackie’s place. In preparation of the road trip with this stranger, Ryan got his number and before getting in the car, I took a picture of his license plate and of course a “road trip selfie” – you never know! 🙂 He was nice. But after the first half an hour, he already sent me a request on Facebook and starts to plan what we could do together in Sydney… He was nice. But I invented a boyfriend – you never know! 🙂

Despite of my lovely boyfriend at home, he didn’t allow me to pay my dinner on my own and drove me all the way up to Kate’s hometown village Brooklyn, 70kms north from Sydney. At least some important learning: the farer the destination, the longer the navigation system takes to calculate the trip… And, if you smoke, spraying perfume on your hands aborts the smell of smoke – what a waste!

The 10hr ride was tiring and after a couple of naps on the way, I was happy to see Kate waiting in front of her house. Kate was my first Couchsurf-Host experience back home. She lived in Spain for a year and took some courses at the Uni in Lucerne and stayed several times at my place. We always had great fun together and I was looking forward to finally meet her in her country!

I was cordially received. Her family was so hearty and I immediately felt home!

Brooklyn is a little town at the Hawkesbury River and there is not a lot to do… I enjoyed the cozy days with Kate – whether doing road trips, hikes or a river cruise with the whole family!


We visited Newcastle and its beaches. The weather was kind to us – also on our hike on the “Great North Walk” and the day on the punt. Highlight of our road trip while driving: Natalia, the Russian voice on our navigation system! With a really strong accent she bossed us from the right to the left lane and through “one of these” roundabouts. Taking the wrong lane, she not hesitated to alert us with a strict “you don’t listen to me, turn”. Driving too fast ended up with a “you make me nervous, you are too fast”! 😉



After a lazy day at home for me, Kate had to work, we took the train to the City Centre, were we enjoyed a glass of wine at the Opera House bar and a little walk in the botanical garden before taking the ferry to Manly. Awesome beaches, town, ice cream, coffee to go and a sunset on our way back!





After seeing the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, it was mandatory to see the Blue Mountains with the 3 Sisters too. It was a rainy and cloudy day what makes the view not only stunning but mystic too.




Time is running – as usual – and it’s time to say goodbye.
Thank you so much for your hospitality.  I will miss you!

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    • merci:) the blog language stays in german. who knows, maybe i wil write another post. but rather in english than in french… je me réjouis déjà sur tes posts sur ton future blog en allemand;)


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