chicken massage, karaoke and hot tub sessions: LA

After spending a fantastic time on different hawaiian islands, it was time to say goodbye. I felt so sad to leave and I hope to go back – some day…
With a delay of 4 hours, I finally landed in Los Angeles where I spent 10 days at Roxann and Carl’s place. I met Carl last summer in Lucerne. He traveled through Europe and visited my friend Gabriel.
Carl and his cousin Cody picked me up from the airport and I had my first racy sightseeing ride across hills and canyons.
Expecting to enjoy some sunny and warm days, my body had to handle chilly and rainy ones instead; well only two out of ten – I’m spoiled, I know;)
The last 5 months I always had kind of a plan for each day. Already the last week in Hawai’i, I enjoyed lazy days without plans. Taking a break from traveling – that was the only plan for LA too! 😉
Carl works as tennis teacher and due the rain, he had some days off and time to show me around.
We went to Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard where we strolled down the Walk of Fame. OMG, they sell roundtrips and maps to stalk the houses of celebrities! My highlight was the burger for lunch at „in n out burger“ though;)
Really privileged, I enjoyed almost daily private concerts. Carl and Cody cover songs from Muse and Radiohead with their band „Musehead“ and had to rehearse for their show at „Howl at the Moon“ in Hollywood on Carl’s birthday. The show was great and still in a singing mood, we went to a karaoke place where I made a fool of myself:)

IMG_6697 IMG_6693 IMG_6731
Great chats in the hot tub, cooking with the whole family, christmas tree shopping, „who-has-the-fanciest-sunglasses“ in Venice, delicious granola/açai/fruit bowls, climbing in the garage, becoming a „red-neck“ insider, a 5 minute tennis lesson, movie nights, shrimps & a nap in Malibu, roundtrip in the parking lot of the Universal Studios, chicken massage, candle smelling, spicy tacos (I need a SnIckers;)) and Skittles: all that and a lot more was part of my LA adventure!

Thank you for the lovely time & see you in March!

*In the meantime I will try to catch some dreams;)*

IMG_6627 IMG_6700 IMG_6598 IMG_6610








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